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Let’s discuss proxy servers in question and answers format. Our professional staff can easily clarify this area.

What do you get?

  • 99.8% uptime
  • 100% anonymity
  • No IP blocking
  • Proxy server without traffic limitation
  • More than 1000 threads to grow your opportunities
  • Up to 100,000 IP-addresses at your complete disposal 24/7 to increase your earnings
  • Our proxies IPv4
  • Up to 300% increase in the speed of multithreaded programs (scripts) in comparison with a public proxy
  • Access to the proxy within 5 minutes after payment
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Q: What is proxy-server?

A: Proxy-server is one or more computers that act like mediators between user’s PC and a world wide web. The mediator transmits all user calls to web, processes them and transmits the downloaded files back to user.

Q: What can proxy-server do?


  1. It can faster your Internet connection.
  2. It can provide you with anonymity.
  3. It can grant you resource access even if your account is suspended.
  4. It can let you access blocked websites.

Q: How can proxy faster my internet connection?


  1. Proxy service provider is located near its customers, so it can boost their traffic by using its own power. Proxy-servers usually equipped with optical fibers or dedicated lines along with a big pool (maximum data exchange speed).
  2. Proxy is caching all the downloaded files, while the proxy’s cache is measured with gigabytes. Meanwhile a whole army of users are using this function too. So the proxy-server downloads the file once and calling a web-resource no more, downloading the file from its own cache. This principle is a way to greatly faster your work with websites.

Q: How does the proxy provide me with anonymity?

A: Every time you download a web-page into your laptop, tablet or PC your machine calls a specified resource and sends its own IP. This is how your IP address is becoming known to owners of all websites you visit. If any of them is a malefactor then he can easily “get in” your computer to steal some private info, activate a virus or hack some program.

When you use a proxy server the call is made by a mediator PC. All the back calls will be made to a mediator’s address, not yours. As a result user’s PC does not interact with the third parties and stays safe.

Q: Do all the proxies provide internet anonymity?

A: No. Some of the proxies serve to faster your internet connection and they do transmit your personal data to web-resources. If you want to be reliably secured and anonymous you should use special applications or contact a reliable service provider.

Q: If one proxy is so great in protection why do I need to build proxy chains?

A: The longer your proxy chain, the more reliable your defense is. Let’s suppose that your computer is being under attack by a potential spammer – such a malefactor will make a call to your IP and stop. But if there is a targeted attack or an intrusion to steal your private information is going on, then one proxy may be not enough to provide required security level. On the second call proxy server will provide him with your IP. But if malefactors will be forced to make 5 or 15 calls with no result they may just stop wasting time and switch to some less secured users. That’s why usage of proxy chains, with links located all around the world, can completely confuse even the most annoying malefactors.

Q: What can proxy do except of fastening my connection and providing anonymity?


  1. It can filter website content and cut off advertisement.
  2. It can change your computer’s geographical location for the resources with location restrictions.
  3. It can provide you with one server to connect through.

Q: How do I use a proxy on my computer?

A: Configuring a proxy is a simple procedure. When you get all the instructions from proxy service provider you can do it on your own. There are more concrete articles for some popular browsers: Google Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Internet Explorer.

Most popular proxy server packages

We know the cost of proxies on many other sites. We respect your right to save a few bucks at the expense of speed, uptime, reliability and anonymity.

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800 Chinese server proxies with IP addresses of cities in China.
Proxy Germany 800
800 IP
800 German server proxies with IP addresses of cities in Germany.
Proxy Mix World 800
800 IP
Server proxy package with 800 IP addresses.
Proxy Mix World 2000
2000 IP
Server proxy package with 2000 IP addresses.
Your possibilities
  • Maintaining multiple accounts in games or social networks simultaneously.
  • Perform load testing of your site or application.
  • Changing the binding to the subset mask in case of changing the provider with the binding set up within 5-10 minutes.
  • Purchase of individual proxies “in one hand”.

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up to 100 Mb/s
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  • Full package of documents for legal entities (more details).
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  • In-house team of 6 employees.

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