Unlimited traffic!

Download and upload files, play video and music, surf any site without delay!

No Restrictions!

After the payment, just use your proxy access instantly! Access any blocked web-site: if it’s on the internet, you can access it. Be sure, your favourite software is already compatible with our proxy!

Chameleon mode

Use multiple subnets, non-sequential IPs: all proxies will belong to over 25 subnets (C-Blocks) in multiple locations across the World - USA, Russia, Ukraine, Europe and more.

Dedicated Servers

Our company is pleased to offer the dedicated servers, located in our own Data-Centres.


For each plan, two IP addressess are supposed to come for free.


Plan CPU RAM HDD Bandwidth Price/mo.
Level 1 Intel G4400 DDR3 4GB SATA 500Gb
or SSD 64Gb
1Gbit/s $40.0
Level 2 Intel Core i3 DDR3 4GB SATA 1Tb
or SSD 128Gb
1Gbit/s $55.00
Level 3 Intel Core i5 DDR3 8GB SATA 1Tb
or SSD 128Gb
1Gbit/s $60.00
Level 4 Intel Core i7 DDR3 16GB 2xSATA 1Tb
or 2xSSD 128Gb
1Gbit/s $95.00


Options: additional SSD 120Gb - $12
Additional RAM 4Gb - $10
Additional SATA 1Tb - $12
Additional SAS (HGST Hitachi) 300Gb - $50
Hardware RAID LSI MegaRAID SAS 9240-4i - $30
Hardware RAID LSI MegaRAID SAS 9260-4i - $50
Additional IP-address - 1$


Are you interested in our offer? Do contact technical support to arrange the details!

Sale? Promo!
You need special package? Do contact technical support to get a package of 15'000 IP-addresses! The list of countries includes all our available locations. Price is as low as $400 per month.
Offer is limited. No money-back accepted. No test periods allowed.
This special package is for those who works with us and is familiar with our top-level quality.


Dear Customers! We are glad to inform you that today we add Czech IP-addresses into European proxy package! Have a nice surfing!

Today, the amount of proxy servers was increased from 500 to 750 addresses for "Ukraine VIP package ". 

Have a nice surfing!

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Wide IP range

IP rangeBuying our services, you get a wide range of IP addresses, that means you can choose between different IPs anytime.

You can play!

Прокси для Lineage IIOne of the most important features of our services is a huge bandwidth. Even playing games you will not notice decrease of speed.

Reliable Hardware

hardwareAll our proxies are located on industrial server platforms with hot reserve. That's why we proudly offer our service for 24 hours, 365 days a year.