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High five

I buy proxies here for parsing search engines, Amazon, social networks, etc. and they work great. Always a pleasure to get in touch with my friends and family. The surprising thing is that I am almost never banned. It may sometimes get banned for a couple of days if used very actively but then work great again. In the rest, no problems arised. Everything is stable. Иenefits: Pricing and user-friendly interface. That’s why I give it a 5.

Dean Pope

Everything is cool

I bought a proxy for the promotion of groups, the proxies are excellent, no problems like a ban, etc. The support is just Wow, they helped with all the issues, there were small failures, but they decided everything right away, so I don’t consider it a minus. In general, everything is at the highest level! Take it – you will not regret it!

Olesya Pokrovskaya

Cool prices and rates

I ordered the other day, I needed fours, I advised them for insta, but it was not in vain, I was satisfied with the quality. For MF, ML is suitable, and not only, I just took it for it, and so whoever needs it. And for surfing, I just checked it too – everything is clear, the speed is high, nothing flies off. Advised, in general, not in vain, and I advise.

Denis Blake


I have been using Proxylite for over a year now. I have not seen such an excellent quality of service anywhere else, only here)). An excellent proxy server, much better than absolutely all of its competitors. Technical support works around the clock and is very fast. They answered all my questions and explained everything that I did not understand immediately without problems. I definitely recommend it !!

Rolf Johnson

ProxyElite Statistics

>45 000

...clients since 2011 have used our services. More than 1800 positive reviews on

15 000 TB

...of traffic on average per month at a speed of 15 Gb/s is “pumped” through us, our clients, more than 100,000 IPs in the lists

7 out of 10

...clients are switching to a tariff increase without waiting for the end of the previous one


...supported protocols. On all OS: Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10), Linux, Mac OS, Android, iOS

Proxy comparison table

Server proxies from ProxyElite HTTP HTTPS SOCKS 4 SOCKS 5
Working port 8080/8085 8080/8085 1080/1085 1080/1085
Working with HTTPS sites No Yes Yes Yes
Anonymity Partial Partial Full Full
Unlimited traffic Yes Yes Yes Yes
Limiting streams No No No No
Proxy speed up to 100 Mb/s up to 100 Mb/s up to 100 Mb/s up to 100 Mb/s
Ability to work with IP binding, without a username and password Yes Yes Yes Yes
The number of class (C) subnets in the proxy buffer >250 >250 >250 >250

Maximizing Anonymity in Web Browsing with Proxy Servers

Enhancing Online Privacy through Proxy Servers

The digital age has ushered in an era where online privacy is a paramount concern for individuals and organizations alike. Proxy servers have emerged as a crucial tool in maintaining anonymity during web browsing. By acting as intermediaries between the user and the internet, they provide an additional layer of privacy and security.

Addressing Privacy Concerns with Proxy Servers

Key Challenges:

  • Identity Protection: Safeguarding personal information from unauthorized access.
  • Location Anonymity: Concealing geographical location to bypass regional restrictions.
  • Secure Browsing: Protecting against surveillance and data theft.

Benefits of Using Proxy Servers for Anonymity

  1. Enhanced Privacy: Masks IP address, making it difficult to track online activities.
  2. Improved Security: Offers encryption, safeguarding data from hackers.
  3. Access to Geo-restricted Content: Enables users to bypass location-based content restrictions.
  4. Reduced Risk of Cyber Attacks: Shields against potential malicious attacks.

Potential Challenges in Using Proxy Servers

While proxy servers are beneficial, users may encounter issues such as:

  • Speed Reduction: Sometimes proxy servers can slow down internet speed.
  • Complex Setup: Initial configuration might be challenging for non-technical users.
  • Limited Encryption: Not all proxy servers offer high levels of encryption.

Real-World Applications of Proxy Servers in Ensuring Anonymity

  • Journalists: Protecting their sources and research in sensitive political climates.
  • Researchers: Accessing region-specific academic content without revealing identity.
  • General Users: Safeguarding personal browsing history from data mining companies.

Why Choose ProxyElite for Enhanced Anonymity?

ProxyElite stands out due to:

  • Advanced Encryption: Ensuring top-notch security of user data.
  • High-Speed Connectivity: Balancing anonymity with optimal browsing speed.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simplifying the process of setting up and using proxies.
  • Wide Geographic Coverage: Offering a broad range of location options for global content access.

ProxyElite’s commitment to privacy, combined with its robust infrastructure, makes it an ideal choice for users seeking to enhance their web browsing anonymity.

Frequently Asked Questions about Proxies for Anonymity in Web Browsing

Proxy servers act as intermediaries between your device and the internet, effectively masking your IP address. This makes it difficult for websites to track your online activities and personal information, thereby enhancing your online privacy.

Proxy servers address key privacy concerns such as protecting your identity from unauthorized access, concealing your geographical location to bypass regional restrictions, and securing your browsing data from surveillance and potential data theft.

Yes, proxy servers can help users bypass geographical restrictions on content. By hiding your real IP address and showing an IP address from a different location, they enable access to region-specific websites and content that might otherwise be inaccessible.

While proxy servers offer numerous benefits, there can be downsides like reduced internet speed due to the extra processing, complexity in initial setup, especially for non-technical users, and limited levels of encryption with some proxy services.

For journalists, proxy servers can protect the privacy of their sources and sensitive research, especially in politically volatile environments. Researchers can use them to access academic content specific to certain regions without revealing their real location or identity.

ProxyElite stands out due to its advanced encryption for data security, high-speed connectivity, user-friendly interface, and wide geographic coverage. These features ensure a balance between optimal browsing experience and maintaining user anonymity.


Our service is prohibited from being used for hacking and other fraud on the Internet!