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Just great!

I have been using it for more than a month. The prices are good, the proxies work stably. They agree without any problems and replace the banned proxies within a few minutes. Huge respect to the support! Answers literally in a couple of minutes, and even around the clock

Arlene Rice

Thanks to ProxyElite staff

I want to thank online chat guys who patiently, comprehensively and responsively answered all my questions, and there were quite a few. As it happens the Proxy world is totally new to me. Emotions are only positive) Thank you!!!!!)

Rodney Tucker

Awesome proxies

I’ve been using ProxyElite proxies for a very long time and never had a single failure. The platform and purchased proxies work with stable quality. Their support team is always helpful and quick to help solve any questions. This is all I really need. I can highly recommend it to everyone.

Marjorie Williams


Absolute favorites for me so for sure. All IP addresses refer to real devices, and different ones – from a mobile phone to a WIFI router. Once again, they did not ask sites with captchas, and this is already a big plus, since I have already tried many proxy servers, and almost everywhere they were forced to constantly enter captcha

Anastasia Patrick

ProxyElite Statistics

>45 000

...clients since 2011 have used our services. More than 1800 positive reviews on

15 000 TB

...of traffic on average per month at a speed of 15 Gb/s is “pumped” through us, our clients, more than 100,000 IPs in the lists

7 out of 10

...clients are switching to a tariff increase without waiting for the end of the previous one


...supported protocols. On all OS: Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10), Linux, Mac OS, Android, iOS

Proxy comparison table

Server proxies from ProxyElite HTTP HTTPS SOCKS 4 SOCKS 5
Working port 8080/8085 8080/8085 1080/1085 1080/1085
Working with HTTPS sites No Yes Yes Yes
Anonymity Partial Partial Full Full
Unlimited traffic Yes Yes Yes Yes
Limiting streams No No No No
Proxy speed up to 100 Mb/s up to 100 Mb/s up to 100 Mb/s up to 100 Mb/s
Ability to work with IP binding, without a username and password Yes Yes Yes Yes
The number of class (C) subnets in the proxy buffer >250 >250 >250 >250

The Benefits of Using Proxy Servers for

Proxy Servers for

Proxy servers with IP addresses from different countries. Supports HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS 4, SOCKS 5 protocols. Unlimited traffic. Rotational proxies. Download the proxy list immediately after payment. Access to the list via API. Access at high speed and with a reliable connection.

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Product Brand: ProxyElite

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 38

Price Valid Until: 2050-01-01

Editor's Rating:
4.7 is a renowned platform for accessing scientific and academic research articles, journals, and papers. However, users often encounter various limitations and access issues while using the website. This is where proxy servers, specifically ProxyElite proxy servers, come into play to offer solutions to these challenges.

What problems can be solved by using proxy servers for

When accessing, users may face several challenges, including:

  1. Geographical Restrictions: restricts access to certain content based on the user’s geographical location. This means that users from specific regions may not be able to access certain research papers or journals. Proxy servers can help users bypass these geographical restrictions by providing an IP address from an unrestricted location.

  2. IP Blocking: employs IP blocking to prevent excessive traffic or unauthorized access. Users who make too many requests or violate usage policies may find themselves blocked from accessing the platform. With ProxyElite proxy servers, users can rotate their IP addresses, ensuring that they can continue accessing without interruptions.

  3. Privacy and Anonymity: Users may wish to maintain their privacy while accessing, especially when conducting research on sensitive topics. Proxy servers offer a layer of anonymity by masking the user’s IP address. This makes it more difficult for websites to track users’ online activities.

  4. Data Scraping and Crawling: Researchers and data analysts often require large-scale data extraction from for various purposes. Proxy servers are essential for web scraping and crawling tasks, as they enable users to send multiple requests without triggering IP bans or rate limits.

What benefits and advantages can users get when solving problems using proxy servers for

Using ProxyElite proxy servers for accessing provides users with several key benefits:

1. Overcoming Geographical Restrictions

  • Access restricted content from anywhere in the world.
  • Expand your research capabilities by accessing articles and journals unavailable in your region.

2. Ensuring Uninterrupted Access

  • Avoid IP bans and access interruptions by rotating IP addresses.
  • Maintain a consistent and stable connection to

3. Enhancing Privacy and Security

  • Protect your online identity and research activities.
  • Encrypt your connection to prevent eavesdropping and data theft.

4. Facilitating Data Scraping and Crawling

  • Efficiently collect and analyze large datasets for research purposes.
  • Avoid being blocked while extracting valuable research data.

What problems may arise when using proxy servers for

While proxy servers offer numerous advantages, users should also be aware of potential challenges:

  1. Speed: Using proxy servers can sometimes result in slower internet speeds due to the additional routing of data through a third-party server.

  2. Proxy Reliability: The reliability of proxy servers may vary, and users should choose a reputable provider like ProxyElite to ensure consistent service.

  3. Authentication: Some websites may require additional authentication or captchas, which can be challenging to handle through a proxy server.

Give some examples of using proxy servers for

Proxy servers find applications in various scenarios on

  1. Research Access: Researchers can access restricted articles and journals from any location, expanding their access to valuable scientific content.

  2. Academic Data Analysis: Data scientists and analysts can scrape and analyze large datasets from for research and academic purposes.

  3. Privacy Protection: Users concerned about online privacy can use proxy servers to mask their IP addresses while conducting sensitive research.

Why are ProxyElite proxy servers the ideal choice to use for

ProxyElite stands out as the ideal choice for accessing due to several compelling reasons:

  • Diverse IP Pool: ProxyElite offers a vast and diverse pool of IP addresses from multiple locations, ensuring access to restricted content.

  • Reliability: With high uptime and minimal downtime, ProxyElite provides a reliable proxy service for uninterrupted access to

  • Data Security: ProxyElite prioritizes user data security by offering encrypted connections to protect sensitive research activities.

  • Speed and Performance: ProxyElite’s servers are optimized for speed, ensuring a seamless browsing and data extraction experience.

  • Customer Support: ProxyElite provides excellent customer support to address any issues or questions users may have.

In conclusion, the benefits of using ProxyElite proxy servers for are undeniable. They offer a solution to common access problems, enhance user privacy, and facilitate data extraction for research purposes. When choosing a proxy service for, ProxyElite stands out as a reliable and feature-rich option, ensuring a seamless and secure browsing experience.


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